Oceanographic and Hydrographic Surveys

Monthly Bathymetric Survey of Cardiff Marina
Cardiff Harbour Authority – MV Lady Jane
In April 2014 Seastar Survey Ltd. was awarded a three year contract to carry out ongoing bathymetric monitoring for Cardiff Harbour Authority to inform dredging operations. Work is carried out on a monthly basis on a dedicated small survey boat, Lady Jane, using a single beam echosounder and Real-time Kinematic (RTK) corrected positioning (horizontal and vertical corrections). The data is processed in house and delivered to the client monthly.

Severn Estuary SAC Sub-tidal Sandbanks Survey
Natural England – SV Otarie
In January and February 2013 Seastar Survey Ltd. acquired singlebeam bathymetric and high resolution sidescan sonar data within a 70 km2 area of the Severn Estuary SAC. The equipment used were a survey grade single beam echosounder, Leica RTK GPS receiver and Edgetech 4125 High frequency sidescan sonar system. This data was collected to inform identification of sub tidal sand banks with the SAC, so as to aid management decisions regarding the protection of these features.

Braye Harbour bathymetric Survey
Alderney Harbour Authority – SV Mariner
In May 2012 Seastar Survey Ltd. undertook a singlebeam bathymetric survey to IHO Special Order standard within Braye Harbour, Alderney. The data were collected using a survey grade singlebeam echosounder and Real-time Kinematic (RTK) corrected positioning (horizontal and vertical corrections. The data collected produced a chart to inform dredging requirements within the harbour, and also to aid in navigation.

Alderney South Banks ADCO and Water Column Profiling Survey
Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy (ACRE) – MV Topcat III
In August 2011 Seastar Survey Ltd. took measurements of tidal current data and water column parameters within the Alderney Race during spring tide and over the entire tidal cycle. The equipment used included an RDI Workhorse vessel mounted ADCP system, Valeport MIDAS CTD system, turbidity measurements and water samples collected using a 1L Niskin Bottle. Data were collected to inform a proposed tidal turbine prototype emplacement.

Alderney South Banks MBES and Sidescan Sonar Survey
Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy (ACRE) – SV Mariner
In January 2011 Seastar Survey Ltd. undertook a MBES bathymetric and high resolution sidescan sonar survey of the Alderney South Banks area. Equipment used included a Geoswath 250 kHz multibeam echosounder system and Edgetech 4125 high frequency sidescan sonar system. Data were collected to inform a proposed tidal turbine prototype emplacement.

Sedimentation Monitoring Programme Survey
Halcrow Ltd. / Sovereign Harbour Marina Ltd. – SV Mariner
Between 2003 and 2010 Seastar Survey Ltd. undertook yearly survey work at Sovereign Harbour Marina  as part of their entrance channel maintenance dredging licence application. The work comprised of a single-beam bathymetric survey of the entrance channel and full environmental survey of the dredged sediment disposal site. Seabed sediment samples were collected using 0.1 m2 Hamon grab from our survey vessel ‘Mariner’ - sub-samples were taken for chemical, biological and particle size analysis.

Clyde Current mapping
Partrac Ltd. – SV Otarie
In 2009 Seastar Survey Ltd. were contracted by Partrac Ltd. to undertake a survey to assess dissolution rates of potential effluents into the Clyde Sea. The project involved vessel operations, navigation and monitoring of Rhodamine dye in a tidal channel using a hull mounted flourometer.

British Energy Estuarine and Marine Studies (BEEMS) - Nearshore Habitat Survey, Bradwell
CEFAS – SV Mariner
During February and March 2008 Seastar Survey Ltd. undertook a habitat mapping survey in the river Blackwater, Essex. The survey comprised the use of high resolution sidescan sonar (Klein 3000), multi-beam swath bathymetry (GeoSwath plus) and single-beam echo-sounder (Marimatech). Horizontal and vertical control was obtained via a Leica GX1230 rover SmartNet RTK GPS.

Falmouth Harbour Seabed Mapping Survey
Cornwall County Council - SV Mariner
During September 2007 we undertook a seabed mapping survey of Falmouth harbour using a single beam echosounder, GeoChirp sub-bottom profiler, high resolution sidescan sonar and magnetometer. The purpose of the survey was to locate any areas of archaeological interest as part of the Falmouth Harbour redevelopment environmental impact assessment.