Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Baseline Surveys

Sediment Contamination Analysis Survey in the Thames Estuary
Arcadis – MV Shake Dog
In 2016 Seastar Survey Ltd. was contracted to undertake five vibracores to 3.3m depth in the Thames Estuary to obtain samples for contamination analysis to inform on the feasibility of dredging operations to accommodate the berthing of a large aggregate vessel on a newly proposed pier. A modular 5m vibracore was used to obtain samples and these were subsampled at set depth intervals to provide stratified assessment of potential contamination.

Freshwater Lens Underwater Photography
Natural England – SV Mariner
In 2014-2015 Seastar Survey Ltd. was contracted to obtain imagery of the seabed under heavily restricted visibility to enable biotope classification of potential Annex I rocky reef habitats in Morecambe Bay and Allonby Bay. To do this we used our bespoke freshwater lens camera system which can obtain high resolution imagery of the seabed at visibilities of <20cm. A drop down camera survey methodology was used to delineate potential Annex I habitats.

Luce Bay SAC PMF Monitoring Survey
Scottish Natural Heritage – SV Otarie<
In 2012-2013 Seastar Survey Ltd. were commissioned by SNH to undertake a survey of the known Priority Marine Features (PMFs) and species within Luce Bay and obtain a broader knowledge of the habitats present. The work was conducted using a combination of drop-down camera (Kongsberg 14-208) and sediment sampling (van Veen grab) systems.

Celtic Array Wind Farm – Cable Route Corridor
EGS (International) Ltd, RES, DONG and Centrica – MV Clupea / SV Otarie
In 2012-2013 Seastar Survey Ltd. undertook an Environmental Impact Assessment and broad-scale baseline survey for a proposed cable route area in the southern Irish Sea using a sediment grab sampler and a drop-down camera to assess the seabed characteristics. Tasks included sidescan sonar interpretation, seabed photography analysis, infaunal identification, analysis and reporting writing.

South Wight Maritime SAC – Inshore ground-truthing and Habitat Survey
Natural England – SV Mariner
In 2012-2013 Seastar Survey Ltd. undertook a ground-truthing survey of existing multibeam data using drop-down camera and sediment sampling to map the habitats of the inner 1 km of the South Wight SAC. The survey covered the entire south coast of the Isle of Wight, completing a survey commenced in 2010. Input incl. analysis of still photographs/video, macrofaunal identification and report writing.

Dorset Integrated Seabed (DORIS) Survey
Dorset Wildlife Trust – SV Mariner
In 2009 Seastar Survey Ltd. was contracted by Dorset Wildlife Trust to conduct a ground-truthing / habitat mapping survey to obtain the information needed to plan a regional network of Marine Protected Areas and a basis for developing a pilot marine spatial plan for Dorset. Throughout the summer of 2009 a broad-scale survey off the Dorset coastline was completed using the Kongsberg 14-208 underwater stills camera and Kongsberg 14-366 high resolution video.

Broadscale Mapping of North Rona Special Area of Conservation (SAC)
Scottish Natural Heritage – SV Otarie
During June - August 2009 Seastar Survey Ltd. planned and undertook a broad-scale environmental survey of the SAC around North Rona, a remote island 45 miles northwest of the Butt of Lewis, Scotland. The survey was completed using a single beam echosounder, high resolution sidescan sonar, underwater video and digital stills photography and sediment sampling.

Mapping of Marine Habitats and Species within the Community Marine Conservation Area at Lamlash Bay
Scottish Natural Heritage – SV Alba na Mara
During October 2008 Seastar Survey Ltd. planned and undertook a broad-scale environmental survey of Lamlash Bay and surrounding coast. The survey comprised RTK GPS (vertical and horizontal control), single beam echosounder, high resolution sidescan sonar, underwater video and stills photography and sediment sampling using a Day grab.

Eddystone Reef Habitat Mapping Survey - Read Article
English Nature – SV Mariner
Between July 2005 and January 2006 Seastar Survey Ltd. undertook a habitat mapping survey of an area around Eddystone Reef, Plymouth. The objectives of the survey were to map the extent of the rocky reef and surrounding mixed sediments, and classify the various habitats present. The survey was undertaken in two phases - phase 1, acoustic survey using sidescan sonar and single beam echosounder, and phase 2, environmental survey using underwater video and digital still photography.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Surveys
United Kingdom Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Seastar Survey Ltd. were involved in the DTI’s SEA project for 6 years, with a presence onboard all of the SEA environmental surveys. The main objectives of the SEA surveys were to classify and map the seabed habitats and communities within the UK continental shelf. Seastar Survey Ltd. were responsible for undertaking underwater video and stills photography and seabed sampling using Day grabs, van Veen grabs, Hamon grabs, Box corers and Mega corers.

The Sublittoral Sandbanks of the Solway Firth - Read Summary
Scottish Natural Heritage – SV Mariner
During the summer and autumn of 2004 Seastar Survey Ltd. planned and undertook a broad-scale environmental survey of Solway Firth using Day grab and beam trawl sampling techniques. All survey operation were conducted from our survey vessel Mariner.

Across Wales Drop-Down Video Survey - Read Summary
Countryside Council for Wales – SV Pedryn
In summer of 2004 and 2005 Seastar Survey Ltd. were contracted to complete drop-down video surveys around the Welsh coast. In conjunction with the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) we spent several weeks planning, conducting and analysing video surveys to record and map biotopes around the Welsh coast.