Laboratory Services

ARTOO marine biology consultants – 2009-2015
Seastar Survey Ltd. have undertaken macroinvertebrate sample sorting on 82 different projects for ARTOO since March 2009 processing over 3000 samples in total.

CEFAS – 2012-2015
13 separate contracts for infaunal analysis of Hamon grab samples collected as part of the rMCZ surveys from various locations around the UK (macroinvertebrate sample sorting, identification and biomass).

CEFAS – 2014
Infaunal analysis of sediment samples collected from South Falls (North Sea). Macroinvertebrate sample sorting and identification, biomass to species level of 39 grab samples.

JNCC – September 2013
Sorting, identification and enumeration of 40 Hamon grab samples collected from Pobie Bank, the interpretation of the results and the supply of a report and GIS.

Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy (ACRE) – 2011
Alderney South Bank environmental survey. Macroinvertebrate sample sorting, identification and biomass of 11 Day grab samples collected from South Bank, Alderney. Part of a broad scale habitat mapping survey.