Capability Statement

Through a combination of education, training and commercial contracts, we have over 10 years experience of environmental, hydrographic and oceanographic surveys. We have been involved in an extensive range of inshore and offshore surveys throughout the UK and international waters, using a wide variety of techniques and equipment. This experience has enabled us to develop a broad knowledge and expertise in many areas of marine surveying and survey management. All of our staff are educated to degree level or higher and have complementary specialist backgrounds.

Collectively, we have more than thirty years experience of operating and manning yachts and workboats, and are licensed to skipper vessels up to 200 gross registered tons. We currently conduct inshore surveys from our own survey vessel, which covers all UK inshore waters up to 60 nautical miles from a safe haven and charter other vessels as and when required.  All of our crew are not only highly skilled in vessel operations but have a high level of understanding of marine science, and therefore fully understand the needs of the surveyor.

Our aim is to work directly in support of research, monitoring and commercial organisations operating in the marine environment, by offering a range of high quality services based on our policy of safety and quality throughout. At Seastar Survey, in conjunction with a select group of freelance surveyors, equipment suppliers and laboratories, we have the capacity to provide clients with a complete range of high quality marine survey services.

In addition to marine data acquisition, Seastar Survey Ltd. offers an extensive range of freshwater services. Key members of our survey team have experience undertaking a diverse range of freshwater laboratory and field based research. As such we offer the same unbeatable level of support and services to clients in the freshwater sector as we do in the marine.